The programme

The Flora of the Guianas Programme is a consortium of nine institutes in Europe, North America and the Guianas. The consortium attempts to explore the immense plant diversity in the area.

The book series Flora of the Guianas is the main product of the program. Currently edited in the NHN/Naturalis, in the Netherlands, and published by Kew Publishing, UK, the series has been showing steady production of fascicles with an average of one fascicle per year.

Our vision

We bear the vision that taxonomic data provides the essential background for great majority of the biological research and plays, therefore, an important role for conservation and sustainable use of the natural resources of the region.

Eperua falcata Aubl.

Our aims

  1. to generate and publish accurate taxonomic data, by collecting, identifying, cataloguing and describing plant specimens of the Guianas;
  2. to train botanists and students, by offering courses of systematics of Neotropical plants and biodiversity metrics.