Dimocarpus foveolatus

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Dimocarpus foveolatus


Tree, 5 m high. Leaves 2-jugate, axial parts subglabrous; Inflorescences 13-22 cm long; Sepals 4 by 3 mm, inside puberulous in the upper ⅔. Petals 5, narrow-spathulate, 5 by 1.5 mm, outside woolly except at very base and in upper 0.2, inside densely woolly except at base. Stamens:


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Luzon present, Panay present, Samar present
Malesia: Philippines (Luzon, only once collected; the specimens from Samar and Panay mentioned by Merrill, l.c., belong to D. fumaias).


The present species is intermediate between 'typical' Euphoria, with which the flowers are in full agreement, and Pseudonephelium, the leaves of which it shares.


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