Mapania sessilis

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Mapania sessilis


Leaves coriaceous, linear, slightly narrowed below, gradually narrowed upward to the very slender, triquetrous, aculeate-scabrous tip, with the midnerve prominent beneath and 2 lateral nerves somewhat prominent above, the margins serrulate-scabrous throughout except near the base, and the keel scabrous on the lower surface in the upper part, glaucous, up to 1½ m by 1-1½ cm; Inflorescence always a single spikelet, lanceolate in outline, acute, triquetrous, up to 3-4 by 1-1½ cm. Flowers 15-30 mm long;


Asia-Tropical: Sumatera (Sumatera present), Banka present, E. Coast Res present, N. Borneo present, near Sandakan present
Malesia: Sumatra (E. Coast Res.), Banka, N. Borneo (near Sandakan).


The number of stigmas is unknown.
Only a few times collected, probably owing to the fact that the spikelets, all sessile at the very base of the plant, are easily overlooked.
UITTIEN reduced this species to a variety of M. longiflora scarcely deserving recognition. However, it differs from the latter species not only by the lack of a scape, but also by the different structure of the inflorescence, the castaneous base of the leaves, the keeled outer glumes, the winged outermost flower-scales, and the larger nuts.