Mapania moseleyi

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Mapania moseleyi


Leaves numerous, coriaceous, linear, not petioled, with the midnerve prominent on the underside and several much less prominent lateral nerves, conduplicate at the base, with slightly revolute, spinulose-scabrous margins and the keel on the underside scabrous especially towards the apex, gradually tapering to a very long and very scabrous acumen, obscurely septate-nodulose, pale green, 6-11 mm wide, the lower sheaths bladeless or shortly laminate, pungent, stramineous to brownish. Inflorescence capitate, globose, with 5-6(-10) spikelets, 1½ (finally 2½-3) cm across. Flowers 5-7 mm long;


Admiralty Is present, Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Bougainville present, Cycloop Mts present, Fergusson I present, Idenburg R present, Japen-Biak present, Mt Knutsford present, Mt Musgrave present, NE. New Guinea present, Nabire present, New Britain present, Normanby I present, Papua present, Rouffaer R present, Sepik Distr present, Solomons present, W. New Guinea present
Solomons (Bougainville), New Britain, Admiralty Is.; in Malesia: New Guinea (W. New Guinea: Japen-Biak, Nabire, Rouffaer R., Idenburg R., Cycloop Mts; NE. New Guinea: Sepik Distr.; Papua: Mt Musgrave, Mt Knutsford, Fergusson I., Normanby I.). .


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