Stephania venosa

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Stephania venosa


Slender climber up to c. 20 m, containing red sap. Leaves with glabrous petioles (3-)6-22 cm; Sepal and petals on one side of the flower;


Andaman Is present, Asia-Temperate: China South-Central (Yunnan present), Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa present); Philippines (Philippines present); Thailand (Thailand present); Vietnam (Vietnam present), Langkawi Is present, Luzon present, Mt Kinabalu present, N. Borneo present, N. Malaya present, N. Sumatra present, Perlis present, S. China present, SW. Celebes present
Andaman Is., Thailand, Vietnam, S. China (Yunnan); in Malesia: N. Sumatra, N. Malaya (Perlis, Langkawi Is.), Java, N. Borneo (Mt Kinabalu), Philippines (Luzon), and SW. Celebes.


Some male specimens from Langkawi Is. have a fleshy scale on the inside of each petal which may indicate a distinct taxon.


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