Stephania grandiflora

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Stephania grandiflora


Woody climber. Leaves with petioles 3-5 cm inserted 2-3 mm from the basal margin;


Asia-Tropical, E., W.& S. Highlands present, East New Guinea present
Malesia: East New Guinea (E., W.& S. Highlands).


Local people make abdominal belts from the stems.


This is a most distinctive species of Stepha-nia in several respects. The leaves differ from those of other species in the wide and shallow crenations at the margin of the lamina, which is densely reticulate and comparatively thick in texture. The flowers are the largest known in the genus. The inflorescences are remarkable in that the main branches, i.e. the peduncles of the umbelliform cymes, are directed backwards towards the base of the inflorescence, suggesting that the inflorescences are pendulous with the retrorse branches directed upwards.