Horsfieldia valida

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Horsfieldia valida


Tree 10-15 m. Leaves chartaceous, (ob)ovate-oblong, 20-35 by 8-13 cm, base short- to long-attenuate, apex subobtuse to acutish; Inflorescences just behind the leaves, with woolly hairs 0.3-0.5 mm, subglabrescent; Fruits 2-9 per infructescence, ellipsoid, 8(-9) by 5(-6) cm, glabrous, drying brown with surface wrinkled and ± warted;


Asia-Tropical: Sumatera (Sumatera present), E & W Coast present, Palembang present, W Borneo present
Malesia: Sumatra (E & W Coast; possibly Palembang, see note 1), probably W Borneo (see note 2).


2 Hallier 624 (with male fl., Mt Damoes, W Kalimantan) is obviously close to H. valida, but markedly differs, and apparently represents a new, yet undescribed species. The specimen is discussed further by De Wilde, I.e. Female flowering specimens which match Hallier 624 have not been found as yet, but Afriastini (& Burley) 579 (in fruit, from Kalimantan) is possibly identical; it has the perianth not persistent under the fruits. 1 The sterile specimen Dumas 1649 (Palembang, 200 m alt.) deviates from the other specimens (all from 900-1100 m alt.) by the shorter indumentum on the leaf bud (hairs only 0.3 mm long).


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