Myristica sect. Horsfieldia

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Myristica sect. Horsfieldia


Flowers in male inflorescences sessile, at base not articulated, arranged in many- flowered subglobose dense heads;


Asia-Tropical: Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka present)
One species, Sri Lanka (p. 4).


Section Horsfieldia is monotypic, the species H. iryaghedhi deviating from all other Horsfieldias by some anatomical characters of the leaf, male flowers sessile and arranged in dense heads with a thick receptacle, angular buds, anthers largely connate, but not back to back so that a narrowly hollowed central column is formed; the stigma in the female flowers is many-lobed, not 2-lobed as in the other Horsfieldia species.


Miq. 1858 – In: Fl. Ind. Bat. p 63