Horsfieldia samarensis

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Horsfieldia samarensis


Tree 5 m. Leaves membranous, (oblong-)lanceolate, 7-11 by 2-3 cm, base attenuate, apex acute-acuminate, upper surface drying dull olivaceous, lower surface bright brown, early glabrescent, hairs sparse, less than 0.1 mm; Inflorescences glabrescent or thinly set with stellate hairs 0.1 mm or less, slender;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Samar I present
Malesia: Philippines (Samar I.; known only from the type).


According to the male flower structure related to H. talaudensis, but differing in several points. Horsfieldia talaudensis is more robust, has stouter and more densely hairy male inflorescences, shorter (than the perianth) and densely hairy pedicels, somewhat larger buds and the androecium with anthers inflexed into the cavity at both sides.