Horsfieldia fragillima

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Horsfieldia fragillima


Tree 10-30 m. Leaves sometimes (partly) in 3 rows, membranous to thinly (rarely thickly) coriaceous, oblong(-lanceolate), usually ± tapering below the middle, 20-45 by 6.5-12(-15.5) cm, base narrowly (rarely broadly) rounded to attenuate, apex acute(-acumi-nate); Inflorescences behind the leaves, with sparse hairs (0.1-)0.2-0.4 mm long; Fruits up to 8 per infructescence, on the older wood, broadly ellipsoid, possibly slightly flattened, 6-8 by 4-6 cm, glabrous, drying dark brown, wrinkled and usually with small or large warts;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Brunei present, Sabah present, Sarawak present), E Kalimantan present, W & C Kalimantan present
Malesia: Borneo (Sarawak, Brunei, Sabah, W & C Kalimantan; possibly E Kalimantan).


1 Horsfieldia fragillima may be confused in the sterile state superficially with H. laticostata, as the former may have a similar broad basal part of the midrib. Horsfieldia laticostata differs in the male flowers, in much smaller fruits, and in different texture and colour of the leaves. Horsfieldia fragillima seems related to H. splendida and H. pulcherrima, which have similar androecia (though with a narrower hollow) and not articulated pedicels, and they differ from the present species in general habit, including their markedly hairy lower leaf surface. 2 Argent & Sidiyasa et al 93176, from C Kalimantan, is an exceedingly stout specimen with large coriaceous leaves, up to 15.5 cm wide. The mature aril is bright yellow (arils are red in almost all Myristicaceae).


Fruits edible, very acid and resinous.


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