Trigonachras celebensis

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Trigonachras celebensis


Tree up to 25 m high, dbh up to 35 cm; Leaves 1- or 2-jugate; Inflorescences pseudoterminal, 6-15 cm long, sparsely branched, rather densely appress-edly shortly yellowish brown hairy. Sepals broad-ovate, 1.3-2.25 by 1.2-1.6 mm, outside sparsely appressed-hairy, inside the same to glabrous. Petals long-clawed, 1.6-2.5 by 1-1.5 mm; Stamens 8 or 9; Fruits triangular-ellipsoid, 2.75-3 by c. 2 cm, abruptly narrowed into a 0.5-0.75 cm long stipe, ± apiculate, glabrous, orange; Seeds unknown.


Asia-Tropical: Sulawesi (Sulawesi present)
Malesia: Celebes (Central, Southeast).


The timber is worthless because it soon decays.