Trigonachras papuensis

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Trigonachras papuensis


Tree up to 30 m high, dbh up to 100 cm; Leaves 3-5-jugate; Inflorescences pseu-doterminal, up to 12 cm long, sparsely branched, fulvous puberulous. Sepals broad-ovate, outside and inside sparsely sericeous. Petals glabrous, inside with 2 scales. Stamens 8; Fruits ellipsoid to obovoid, not or shortly stipitate, not apicu-late, 4.5-6 by c. 4 cm, light brown tomentellous, ± glabrescent; Seeds unknown.


Asia-Tropical, Central present, Fergusson Is present, Milne Bay Prov present, Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Central and Milne Bay Prov., Fergusson Is.).


Used as a fish poison.