Polyscias belensis

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Polyscias belensis


Glabrous tree, to 14 m. Leaves imparipinnate, up to 80 cm long; Inflorescence a panicle; Flowers c. 10 per umbellule, pedicels 5-6 mm. Petals 4, oblong. Stamens 4, anthers oblong, 2 mm long, filaments very short. Ovary turbinate, 1½-2 mm high (in anthesis), 4-5-celled, disk flat with 4-5 free styles, at first erect, later divergent. Fruit unknown.


Aseki Patrol area present, Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Bele R. near Lake Habbema present, Morobe Distr present, Mt Kaindi present, Papua present, West Irian present
Malesia: New Guinea (West Irian, Bele R. near Lake Habbema; Papua, Morobe Distr., Mt Kaindi and Aseki Patrol area).


The inflorescence is similar to that of 11. P. ledermannii, but the shape of the leaflets is distinctive. In the type (from West Irian) the leaf margins are entire, but in the three gatherings from Morobe there are some dentations, and it is possible these are not conspecific. The corolla is maroon (Morobe). The plant has an odour like celery.


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