Mischocarpus sundaicus

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Mischocarpus sundaicus


Shrub or tree, up to 10(-30) m high; Leaves 1-3- (or 4)jugate (or simple); Inflorescences axillary and pseudoterminal, 1.5-25 cm long, branched; Petals 0 (up to 3 in Peninsular Malaysia), up to 1.5 mm long, elliptic to oblong, glabrous or with a few hairs near the base, inconspicuously auriculate. Stamens (6-)8(-9), up to 4 mm long; Fruit 7-17(-20) mm high, glabrous or very sparsely puberulous; Seeds globose to ellipsoid, up to 7 mm long;


Asia-Tropical: India present, Australasia, S China present, SE Asia present
From India and S China through SE Asia and throughout Malesia. Absent from Australia, see note 3.


1. In a few collections, restricted to Peninsular Malaysia, petals occur. The petals strongly resemble those of M. pentapetalus and other species in the 'pentapetalus-group' (M. pentapetalus, M. triqueter, M. largifolius, M. paradoxus, M. reticulatus, and M. grandissimus).
The delimitation between M. sundaicus and M. pentapetalus is not sharp for some characters and that is why Gagnepain (Not. Syst. 13, 1947, 34, 35) suggested hybridization between these two species. Detailed studies on this problem are needed (see also below, the note under Mischocarpus prob. spec. nov.).
S.T. Reynolds (in ) reports that M. sundaicus is absent from Australia. The specimens attributed to M. sundaicus by R.W. Ham (1977) were described by her as three new species: M. australis, M. macrocarpus, and M. stip-itatis. They differ from M. sundaicus in the much-branched panicle with cymules on longer pedicels, the hairy inner surface of the fruit, the persistent broad style base, the larger bracts and dorsiventrally flattened petioles. As Australia is outside the scope of Flora Malesiana, no decision about the status of these new species has been made.


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