Arthrophyllum proliferum

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Arthrophyllum proliferum


Medium-sized, glabrous tree. Leaves multijugate, up to 90 by 24 cm, of the flowering branches smaller with fewer pinnae or usually simple; Inflorescences terminating specialized plagiotropic shoots, bearing axillary flowering branches and ending in umbellules of a few flowers below which pairs or whorls of branches continue the growth of the inflorescence to produce an elongated panicle of umbellules; Petals 5, 3.5 mm long, narrowly triangular. Stamens 5, filaments c. 2 mm, anthers reniform, c. 0.5 mm long. Ovary obconical, c. 2 mm long; Fruit ovoid, fleshy, capped by the calyx and the enlarged beak-like stylopodium, c. 10 by 5 mm when dry.


Asia-Tropical, E. New Guinea present, Morobe Distr present
Malesia: E. New Guinea (Morobe Distr.).


The thick outer bark is grey-brown, fissured, and peeling in small flakes. Wood straw- coloured. Cut stems exude brown latex. The thick petals are yellow-green.
The flower and fruit are typical of this well- defined genus, but the branching of the inflorescence is unlike that found in all other species.