Arthrophyllum pulgarense

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Arthrophyllum pulgarense


Small tree, branches c. 1 cm ø, young parts with red tomentum, becoming glabrous except on the ovaries. Leaves clustered towards the ends of the branches, leaflets c. 6 pairs, c. 22 by 8 cm; Inflorescence a terminal cluster of specialized branches (primary rays); Petals 6, 2½ mm long (in bud). Stamens 6, anthers curved. Ovary obconical, 2 mm long, furfuraceous. Fruit ellipsoid, c. 8 by 5 mm, the stylopodium forming a beak with stigma and calyx;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Mt Pulgar present, Palawan present
Malesia: Philippines (Palawan: Mt Pulgar).


The coriaceous, small, often rotund leaflets are characteristic.


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