Nephelium cuspidatum var. multinerve

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Nephelium cuspidatum var. multinerve


Inflorescences not observed. Sepals at least 35% connate, c. 1.75 mm long. Petals not seen (present according to Radlkofer 1933). Fruit appendages very dense, arranged in longitudinal rows, narrowly triangular to strap-shaped, c. 8 mm long.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Sarawak present)
Malesia: Borneo (Sarawak).


This variety much resembles two other taxa from Borneo, viz. N. lappaceum var. xanthioides and a form of N. ramboutan-ake mentioned in the notes under that species. The latter differs from the former two by its leaflets, which are fully glabrous below; N. lappaceum var. xanthioides has leaflets which are puberulous on the midrib below, very sparsely so on the nerves, whereas in between there are only appressed and minute, very sparse hairs:, N. cuspidatum var. multinerve is thinly tomentose on the veins and veinlets on the lower side of the leaflets, but the midrib and nerves are nearly glabrous. There are also slight differences in the nervation and in the fruit appendages between all these taxa. Moreover, N. lappaceum var. xanthioides 1: as terminal inflorescences, whereas N. ramboutan-ake has axillary, together pseudoterminal inflorescences, and hence axillary infructescences.