Synima cordierorum

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Synima cordierorum


Tree, up to 27 m high, dbh up to 40 cm. Leaves 3-5-jugate; Inflorescences up to 30 cm long, densely hairy, with few erecto-patent branches, the flowers in short, dense, many-flowered cymules. Flowers white. Sepals 1-1.1 mm high, inside densely sericeous. Petals 1.2-1.4 by 1.1-1.5 mm, short-clawed, scales not crested. Stamens: Seeds oblique ly obovoid-ellipsoid, 13 by 6 mm, testa shining black, sarcotesta yellow.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present (Irian Jaya present), Australasia: Queensland (Queensland present), Ceram present, Cook Dist present, Fergusson Island present, Merauke Dist present, Papua New Guinea present
Australia (Queensland: Cook Dist.) and Malesia: Ceram, New Guinea (Irian Jaya: Merauke Dist.; Papua New Guinea: Fergusson Island).


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