Osmoxylon simplicifolium

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Osmoxylon simplicifolium


Glabrous shrub, to 5 m, with numerous leaves clustered near the ends of the branches; Inflorescence a terminal compound umbel, spherical, c. 1 cm ø; Stamens 3-4, exserted, 3 mm long. Ovary subcylindric, 2-4-celled, 1 mm long.


Agusan Prov present, Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Cabadbaran present, Mindanao present
Malesia: Philippines (Mindanao: Agusan Prov., Cabadbaran).


A wide-spreading shrub. Bark thick, yellowish, becoming grey. Wood soft, yellowish. Twigs repeatedly branched, the leafy portion sub- erect, leaves mostly ascending, rigidly coriaceous. Inflorescence branches green. Flowers orange, odourless. Berries becoming purple-black.


Merr. 1923 – In: En. Philip. p 224