Elattostachys erythrocarpum

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Elattostachys erythrocarpum


Small trees or shrubs, c. 6 m high. Leaves 2-4-jugate; Flowers not observed. Fruits red, subglob-ular, ± circular in cross section, 9-10 by 9-10 mm, wall 1.2-1.5 mm thick, outside glabrous. Seeds ± obovoid, 6 by 4 mm, sarcotesta 2-lobed, covering up to ½ of the seed.


Asia-Tropical: Sulawesi (Sulawesi present)
Malesia: Celebes.


In several aspects similar to E. verrucosa. The present species differs in its thicker leaflets with obtuse to rounded apices, its shorter inflorescences, its smaller fruits that are more circular in cross section.