Elattostachys aiyurensis

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Elattostachys aiyurensis


Trees, c. 30 m high, dbh c. 60 cm; Leaves 2-jugate; Flowers not observed. Fruits green or tinged with pink, ± obovoid, almost circular in cross section, c. 17 by 14 mm, wall c. 2 mm thick, outside shortly appressed-hairy. Seeds not observed.


Asia-Tropical, Madang Prov present, Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Madang Prov.).


1. Only known from the type specimen.
2. Rather similar to E. obliquinervis but different in the length of petioles, rachises and petiolules, in the hairiness of the leaflets, in the size of the fruits and the hairiness of the exocarp. The type specimen of the present species was collected at a much higher altitude than the specimens of E. obliquinervis.