Rhysotoechia bilocularis

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Rhysotoechia bilocularis


Small tree, c. 4 m high, dbh c. 10 cm. Branchlets slightly rough, (reddish) brown; Leaves 4-jugate, sometimes with a terminal leaflet; Inflorescences axillary, thyrsoid, branching at the base, to 7 cm long, laxly puberulous; Flowers only seen in bud. Sepals: both sides glabrous, margin laxly ciliate, outer ones broadly elliptic, inner ones orbicular. Petals broadly cvate, outside glabrous, inside pilose; Stamens 7 or 8; Ovary 2-locular, sericeous; Fruits not observed.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea (Irian Jaya present), Merauke Dist present
Malesia: Irian Jaya (Merauke Dist.).