Key for Pulchranthus V.M. Baum, Reveal & Nowicke

1Plants suffruticose; inflorescence an open, many-branched panicle, rarely reduced to a single terminal raceme; corolla lobes of lower lip suborbicular; petiole 10-27 mm long
1'Plants herbaceous, sometimes wiry at base; inflorescences terminal racemes to narrow panicles; corolla lobes of lower lip oblong or elliptic; petiole 3-13 mm long
2Leaves sparsely pilose above; inflorescence compact; pedicels 5-7 mm long; corolla white, lavender to pink and tinged with purple, tube white to cream-colored, upper lip magenta, lower lip oblong, outer 2 lobes whitish to lavender, central lobe with magenta spots; filaments glabrous
2'Leaves glabrous above; inflorescence compact; pedicels 0-1.5 mm long; corolla pale lavender with purple markings, tube white, upper lip lavender with purple markings, lower lip elliptic, lobes lavender with purple markings, central lobe more densely so; filaments slightly pubescent basally