Key for Phytolaccaceae

1Ovary with 5-16 (1-ovulate) carpels; aggregated fruit with several seeds
1'Ovary 1-locular, with 1 ovule; fruit with 1 seed
2Stigmas 2, terminal
2'Stigma 1, sometimes lateral
3Flowers sessile or subsessile (inflorescence a spike-like raceme); ovary and fruit with 4-6 retrorse apical hook-like awns (crushed plant with garlic or onion odor)
3'Flowers pedicellate (inflorescence a raceme); ovary without awns
4Stem armed; fruit a samara.
4'Stem unarmed; fruit a drupe.
5Annual, erect herbs or subshrubs; stamens 4; style elongate; tepals erect in fruit
5'Woody vines; stamens 8-12; style absent; tepals reflexed in fruit