Key for Xyridaceae

1Leaves equitant, distichous; inner sepal membranous, caducous; corolla acti nomorphic, petals mostly free and clawed; staminodes mostly present and bibrachiate, branches with penicillate hairs; style 3-branched; seeds distinctly longer than broad, ovoid to cylindric, terete.
1'Leaves spirally arranged; inner sepal present and similar to laterals, not cadu- cous, or reduced or lacking; corolla actinomorphic to zygomorphic, gamo- petalous; staminodes lacking or if present unbranched; seeds about as broad as long or broadly and irregularly obovoid.
2Scapes present, stout, lacking bract pairs; spikes mostly 3-8 cm broad; sepals 3, subequal; corolla irregular, mostly yellow, rarely purplered; staminodes lacking; style appendages arising at ovary summit, linear, stronglv recurved: seeds with broad wing.
2'Scapes lacking or present, if present slender and with 1 or more pairs of scape bracts; spikes rarely to 3 cm broad; corolla regular, white to blue; staminodes present or lacking; style appendages mostly arising well above style base, variously oriented but distally dilated; seeds scarcely or not at all winged.