Key for Neea Ruiz & Pav.

1Leaves large, to 25-30(-42) x 12.5-13.8 cm
1'Leaves often smaller, 7-17(-23) x 2-6.2(-9.5) cm, sometimes verticillate or those of a pair sometimes unequal in size
2Tree 4-18 m; leaves glabrous; inflorescence cauliflorous
2'Shrub or small tree to 3 m; leaves rufous-puberulent beneath, densely so on veins; inflorescence terminal on small branches, not cauliflorous
3Female flowers globose-campanulate, prominently constricted at throat; stigma acuminate; leaves drying dark brown
3'Female flowers campanulate, infundibuliform or tubular-cylindrical, not constricted; stigma acuminate or fimbriate; leaves drying dark brown or greenish- or yellowish-brown
4Leaves often drying greenish- or yellowish-brown, glossy-shining above; female flower tubular-cylindrical; infructescence-branches thick and subalate
4'Leaves drying dark brown, not glossy-shining above; female flower flared at apex; infructescence-branches very thin, not subalate