Horsfieldia tuberculata var. crassivalva

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Horsfieldia tuberculata var. crassivalva


Fruits 2.7-3.7 by 1.7—2.5(—3) cm;


Asia-Tropical, Louisiade Arch present, Misima present, Papua New Guinea present, Rossel I present, San Cristobal present, Solomon Islands present, Tagula present
Solomon Islands (San Cristobal, doubtfull); in Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Louisiade Arch.: Misima, Tagula, and Rossel I.).


2 Specimens in fruit may be confused with H. pachycarpa, which has minutely pubescent fruits (and pubescent ovaries), at least at the base towards the insertion of the stipe. 1 Specimens of var. crassivalva generally have a stout habit with coarse twigs and large leaves, and relatively large perianths; these sizes fall, however, within those accepted for the type variety.