Key for Roupala Aubl.

1Inflorescence, including perianth, velutinous to tomentose, indument obscuring the surface; ovary indument long, bushing outwards; fruit velutinous
1'Inflorescence glabrous to sparsely pilose or furfuraceous; ovary glabrous or very short-strigose and/or appressed-tomentose; fruit glabrous
2Petioles well defined, 3.5-4 mm broad at midlength; leaves thickly coriaceous, rigid, often splitting when dry, margin ridged beneath, indument very short-strigose, rufous, only distinguishable under high magnification, giving inflorescence and undersurface of young leaves a very dark red tinge
2'Petioles poorly defined, 1-3 mm broad at midlength; leaves subcoriaceous to coriaceous (in some specimens of R. montana), margin not ridged beneath, indument absent or pilose to tomentose, without dark tinge
3Fruit strongly curved on sutured side, hemispherical, 1.8-2.2 cm wide, drying dark brown or black when mature; flowers 3.5-5 mm long; pedicels 0.3-0.4 mm broad; ovary glabrous or with sparse indument
3'Fruit curved more or less equally at sutured and unsutured sides, 0.8-1.6 cm wide, drying beige or grey or black; flowers 5-14 mm long; pedicels 0.3-1 mm broad; ovary hairy (except very rarely in R. obtusata)
4Inflorescence sparsely pilose to densely tomentose; fruit not conspicuously ridged nor with a thickened marginal vein; leaves entire or serrate; tertiary venation conspicuous beneath
4'Inflorescence glabrous; fruit usually veiny due to underlying vascular tissue, mature fruits with a thickened marginal vein; leaves strictly entire; tertiary venation inconspicuous beneath