Dulacia crassa

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Dulacia crassa


Small tree to 10 m tall. Branchlets robust (3-4 mm diam.), obtusely angled, glabrous. Petioles 5 x 3 mm, transversely rugulose; blades stiffly coriaceous, not wax-coated, oblong to ovate-oblong, (7-)10-13 x (4.5-)5-6.5 cm, apex short-attenuate to rounded, sometimes slightly emarginate, base obtuse to rounded, shiny and olive-brownish when dry, primary vein raised on upper surface, rugulose, secondary veins 6-10 pairs, straight, spreading-ascending. Inflorescences axillary, racemose-paniculate, ca. 10-flowered, glabrous, ca. 2 cm long, rachis slightly geniculate; pedicels 4.5 mm long. Calyx shortly cup-shaped, margin shallow; petals ligulate, fleshy, white, ca. 10 x 1.3 mm; stamens half as long as the petals, anthers broadly oval, sparsely hairy on dorsal surface, filaments free to 1 mm, hairy; free part of ovary depressed-hemispherical, puberulent-tomentulose, abruptly narrowed into the style, the latter glabrous, ca. 2.7 mm long. Fruit unknown.


Guyana present, Kaieteur savanna present, Mt. Roraima present
Guyana, in forests on slopes of Mt. Roraima and in the Kaieteur savanna 2 collections studied.