Abolboda acaulis

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Abolboda acaulis


Low smooth perennials forming domes of thickened, chaff-enveloped stemssurmounted by rosettes of spreadinglinear-triangular leaves, 2-5 cm long, with clasping thin bases to 4 mm, blades thickened, lunate to trigonous in cross-section, tips narrow, usually blunt, with an excentric setaceous bristle. Scapes lacking or to 4 cm, lacking scape bracts and rarely exceeding leaves; spike turbinate, ca. 1 cm(2-)3(-4)-flowered; bracts lanciform, 8-10 mm, lowermost longest, all thickened medially, 7-veined with strongly convex dorsal area and broad scarious margins, tapering to a thickened, setose tip. Sepals 2, lateral, subequal, lanciform, 6-7 mm, acute, keel entire; corolla ca. 15 mm, pale blue; anthers ca. 1 mm; style to 10 mm, appendages ascending to spreading-ascending, rarely bifurcate. Capsule obovoid, ca. 3 mm, each valve crested apically with a broad, dense fringe of papillaemixed with short-clavate or tuberculate vestiture, this concealing recessed stylar base; seeds numerous, subglobular, 0.6-0.7 mm, dark red-brown to black, strongly spirally 11-12-ribbed.


Guyana present, S Venezuela present
Frequent to abundant in rocky savanna bogs, medium to high elvations, Guyana W across S Venezuela.