Coussapoa parvifolia

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Coussapoa parvifolia


Tree. Branchlets 2-5 mm thick, sparsely appressed-puberulous to hirtellous. Stipules 0.3-1(-1.3) cm long, terminal buds mostly swollen (when containing young inflorescences); petiole 0.5-4 cm long; blade coriaceous to subcoriaceous, narrowly ovate, 4-14(-21) x 2.5-5.5(-11) cm, apex acute to acuminate, base acute to obtuse, margin towards the base more or less revolute, glabrous above, sparsely appressed-puberulous to glabrous beneath; secondary veins (4-)7-11 pairs, basal pair mostly unbranched, reaching the margin below the middle of the lamina, tertiary venation slightly prominent. Staminate inflorescences branched; heads ca. 15-30, ca. 2-3 mm in diam.; common peduncle 1.5-2 cm long; stamens 2, just exceeding the perianth. Pistillate inflorescences branched or unbranched; heads 1-5, 4-8 mm in diam.; common peduncle 1-2.5 cm long. Interfloral bracts present.


Antioquia present, Essequibo River, mouth Onoro Creek present, Guyana present, Pani present, Southern America: Brazil North (Amazonas present); Colombia (Colombia present), Vichada present, southeastern Venezuela present
Guyana (Essequibo River, mouth Onoro Creek), southeastern Venezuela, Brazil (Amazonas, Pani), and Colombia (Antioquia, Vichada).