Coussapoa asperifolia subsp. magnifolia

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Coussapoa asperifolia subsp. magnifolia


Stipules 0.5-3.5 cm long; petiole 4-17 cm long; blade mostly ovate to cordiform or elliptic to suborbicular, sometimes obovate, mostly 17-25 cm long, base often subcordate to cordate, smooth and glabrous above, sometimes scabridulous, glabrous or sparsely puberulous beneath on the smaller veins, on the main veins puberulous, sometimes partly hirtellous; secondary veins 4-9 pairs, all or most of them branched, basal pair reaching the margin at, below or above the middle of the blade, tertiary venation plane to prominent. Staminate inflorescences with the heads up to 0.6 cm in diam.; common peduncle up to 8 cm long. Pistillate inflorescences mostly with one head, more than 2 cm, in fruit up to 3 cm in diam.; (common) peduncle 1.5-9.5 cm long.


Guyana present, Southern America: Bolivia (Bolivia present); Panamá (Panamá present)
Guyana, extending to Bolivia and Panama.