Key for Terminalia L.

1Leaves cordate at base; fruits drupe-like, with lateral ridges but without wings, slightly compressed
1'Leaves cuneate to attenuate at base; fruits distinctly winged, sometimes narrowly so but then fruits strongly flattened
2Mature fruits with 3 zones across width (body; adjacent part of wing markedly thickened with spongy material and scarcely thinner than body; marginal thin part of wing)
2'Mature fruits with 2 zones across width (body; thin wing)
3Leaves up to 22 cm long, secondary veins distant; fruit usually slightly longer than wide, glabrous
3'Leaves up to 14 cm long, secondary veins moderately spaced; fruit usually slightly wider than long, densely pubescent when young
4Fruits 1-3.2 cm long, with wings 0.8-3.5 cm wide; style densely pubescent at least basally
4'Fruits 0.5-1.2(-1.5) cm long, with wings 0.2-1 cm wide; style glabrous, or very sparsely pubescent near base
5Inflorescence 1.5-5.5 cm long, with rhachis 0.8-3.5 cm long; disk sparsely pilose
5'Inflorescence 9-17 cm long, with rhachis 8-14 cm long; disk pubescent
6Leaves chartaceous-subcoriaceous, domatia present, tertiary veins closely and regularly percurrent; fruit wider than long, with 2-5 wings, if more than 2 then 2 much wider than the others
6'Leaves strongly coriaceous, domatia absent, tertiary veins randomly reticulate; fruit longer than wide, with (4-)5 equal wings