Key for Buchenavia Eichler

1Flowers at full anthesis congested into subcapitate spikes; rhachis up to 1 cm long, usually much less, not or scarcely elongating in fruit
1'Flowers at full anthesis in more or less elongated spikes; rhachis usually more than 1.5 cm long, if less then considerably elongating in fruit
2Fruits rufous-tomentose
2'Fruits glabrous to very sparsely pubescent
3Mature leaves chartaceous, up to 4(-5.5) x 2 cm; ovary at flowering glabrous
3'Mature leaves coriaceous, 2-10.5 x 1-5 cm; ovary at flowering rufous-pubescent
4Fruits abruptly narrowed at apex to usually strongly curved beak 1-2 cm long
4'Fruits rounded to acute or very shortly beaked at apex
5Leaves, inflorescences and fruits conspicuously rufous-tomentose when young, tomentum persisting to maturity or almost so; higher order venation and areolation very strongly raised on lower leaf surface
5'Leaves, inflorescences and fruits glabrous to variably pubescent, but not conspicuously rufous-tomentose even when young; higher order venation and areolation scarcely to strongly raised on lower leaf surface
6Fruits 3-6.5 cm long, glabrous and with rough rufous scurfy surface
6'Fruits rarely as much as 3 cm long, glabrous to pubescent without scurfy surface
7At least some leaves more than 15 cm long; venation eucamptodromous to eucamptodromous-brochidodromous
7'Leaves usually all less than 14 cm long, rarely a few up to 17 cm; venation brochidodromous to brochidodromous-eucamptodromous
8Fruits glabrous
8'Fruits densely or sometimes sparsely pubescent
9Petiole eglandular; leaves coriaceous, usually distinctly 'shouldered' at apex, with usually irregularly percurrent tertiary veins; fruits distinctly pseudostipitate
9'Petiole biglandular; leaves chartaceous, usually gradually acuminate at apex, with regularly percurrent tertiary veins; fruits not or slightly pseudostipitate
10Secondary veins 3-5 pairs; domatia conspicuous usually bowl-shaped
10'Secondary veins (4-)5-10(-12) pairs; domatia usually present then pocket-shaped
11Most leaves acute to apiculate at apex
11'Most leaves rounded to subacute at apex
12Leaves often over 10 cm long, usually densely clustered on swollen stem tips; secondary veins 5-10 pairs; inflorescence rhachis 2-10 cm long
12'Leaves up to 9 cm long, not densely clustered on stem tips; secondary veins 4-7 pairs; inflorescence rhachis 1-5 cm long