Pourouma tomentosa

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Pourouma tomentosa


Tree up to 20m tall. Branchlets 2-7 mm thick, (sparsely) puberulous to hirtellous and with dense, brown, pluricellular hairs, often initially arachnoid-villous; lenticels ± conspicuous. Stipules 3-18 cm long, caducous, yellow-hirsute, and usually also with white, arachnoid hairs outside, glabrous inside; petiole 4-15 cm long, puberulous to hirtellous, initially arachnoid-villous; blade coriaceous, entire, ovate to elliptic, and 5-21 x 3-13 cm, or 3-5-lobed to -parted and 15-40 x 15-23 cm, apex acute to acuminate, base (obtuse to) truncate to deeply cordate, upper surface smooth, puberulous to hirtellous on the primary vein, lower surface with arachnoid hairs between the tertairy veins, initially also on the main veins; secondary veins 10-26 pairs, basal pair branched. Staminate inflorescences: peduncle 2-3 cm long; flowers densely glomerate in (sub)globose heads, sessile to pedicellate; tepals connate; filaments longer than the tepals. Pistillate inflorescences branched; peduncle 5-7 cm long; flowers 5-20; pedicel 2-4 mm; perianth 4-5 mm long; stigma discoid. Fruiting perianth subovoid to ellipsoid, ca. 2 cm long, yellowish-puberulous to -velutinous, and/or (initially) white-arachnoid-tomentose; pedicel up to 1.1 cm long.


Amazon Basin present, Guianas present, eastern Venezuela present
Amazon Basin and the Guianas to eastern Venezuela.


Five subspecies have been recognized. Two of them are found in the Guianas.