Pourouma guianensis subsp. guianensis

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Pourouma guianensis subsp. guianensis


Tree up to 30m tall. Branchlets 3-15 mm thick, whitish-puberulous to -hirtellous to -subtomentose and with dense, brown, pluricellular hairs. Stipules (2-)4-15 cm long, caducous, whitish-subsericeous to -subhirsute and with ± dense, brown, pluricellular hairs outside, glabrous or occasionally with sparse white hairs inside; petiole 4-25(-40) cm long, puberulous to hirtellous to (sub)hirsute; blade subcoriaceous to chartaceous, 3-lobed to -fid, in (sub)juvenile material to 5-parted, 10-25(-40) x 10-25(-40) cm or sometimes entire, broadly ovate to elliptic, ca. 10-20 x 6-14 cm, apex acuminate, base cordate (to truncate), in entire leaves to rounded, upper surface scabrous, on the main veins hirtellous, lower surface subtomentose to subvelutinous (to hirtellous), on the smaller veins sometimes to puberulous, on the main veins hairs often ± appressed, arachnoid hairs mostly confined to the areoles; secondary veins (6-)11-15(-20) pairs, basal pair branched, reticulum prominent and conspicuous. Staminate inflorescences: peduncle 4-6 cm long; flowers ± clustered but not in globose heads, (sub)sessile, tepals (almost) free, filaments shorter than the tepals. Pistillate inflorescences branched; peduncle (3-)6-12 cm long; flowers ca. (8-)10-25; pedicel 2-5 mm long; perianth 2-4 mm long; stigma subpeltate. Fruiting perianth (sub)ovoid, 1.2-1.6 cm long, subvelutinous; pedicel up to 2 cm long.


Amazon Basin present, Guianas present, Southern America: Venezuela (Venezuela present), eastern Brazil present, eastern Colombia present
Amazon Basin, eastern Brazil, the Guianas and the adjacent part of Venezuela, and eastern Colombia.


Subsp. guianensis is extremely variable, especially in the Upper Amazon Basin. A second subspecies, subsp. venezuelensis (Cuatrec.) C.C. Berg & van Heusden, is found in the coastal mountains of Venezuela.