Knema pallens

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Knema pallens


Tree 8-30 m. Leaves chartaceous or coriaceous, when immature with dense indumentum, elliptic to lanceolate, 25-55 by (5-)6-23 cm, apex acute-acuminate or obtuse, base cordate, rarely rounded or subattenuate; Inflorescences: Fruits 1-6 per infructescence, ellipsoid, 3.5-7 by 2.5-3.5(-4.5) cm, with light brown hairs 1-2 mm long;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Sabah present, Sarawak present), E Kalimantan present
Malesia: Borneo (Sarawak, Sabah, E Kalimantan).


Knema pallens is distinguishable by a stout habit, flaky bark of twigs, large male flowers, and large, long-pedicelled female flowers; it resembles K. lamellaria from Peninsular Malaysia, a species also with long fruiting pedicels and fruits with hairs 3-5 mm long, caducous or easily rubbed off.


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