Knema kunstleri

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Knema kunstleri


Tree 5-30 m. Leaves membranous or coriaceous, variable, broadly elliptic or ovate, to oblong-lanceolate, 5-28 by (1.5—)2—10 cm, base attenuate to broadly rounded, apex sub-obtuse to acute(-acuminate); Inflorescences: Fruits 1-4 per infructescence, subglobose or ellipsoid, 1.5-4.2 by 1-2.8 cm, base rounded or narrowed, apex rounded to subacute, with minute scale-like hairs 0.2 mm long or less, sometimes seemingly glabrous;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present; Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present); Philippines (Philippines present); Sumatera (Sumatera present)
A polymorphous species with 7 subspecies, each with a different geographical area or habitat. Malesia: Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Philippines.


Distinguishable by the minute dark brown or blackish dots, on both surfaces of the leaves, visible with a lens.


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