Ficus sundaica

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Ficus sundaica


Tree up to 35 m tall, hemi-epiphytic or (secondarily?) terrestrial. internal hairs absent. Leaves spirally arranged; stipules 1-3(-5) cm long, glabrous (or white puberulous), caducous, often with a distinct median part. Ovary partly red.


Asia-Tropical:, Borneopresent; Jawa (Jawapresent); Lesser Sunda Is.present (Balipresent); Malaya (Peninsular Malaysiapresent); Maluku (Malukupresent); Philippines (Philippinespresent); Sumatera (Sumaterapresent); Thailand (Thailandpresent) Myanmar: present Palawan: present
Myanmar, Indochina, Thailand; in Malesia: Sumatra, Malay Peninsula, Java, Borneo, Philippines (Palawan), Lesser Sunda Islands (Bali?), Moluccas?.


3The identity of the single and sterile collection from Bali is not certain. 2Most collections are glabrous on all parts, but some from the Malay Peninsula are white puberulous on leafy twigs, petioles, etc. 1The species is rather variable as with regard to the shape and size of the receptacle, the length of the basal bracts, and also the shape and the length of lamina.

Two forms can be distinguished:
  • Form A — Lamina relatively small, mostly less than 10 cm long, with 5 or 6 pairs of lateral veins and the midrib at least in the lower part of the lamina ± impressed above. The stipules and petioles are relatively short, 1-2 cm and 1-1.5 cm long, respectively. The fig receptacle is ovoid to ellipsoid and 1.5-2 cm diam. with a slightly convex to flat apex. — It is rather distinct among material from northern Borneo and was described as var. impressicostata by Kochummen.
  • Form B — Lamina relatively large, mostly 10-20 cm long, with 7-10 pairs of lateral veins, and mostly with the midrib flat to slightly prominent. The stipules and petioles are longer, 2-3.5 cm and 2-3 cm long, respectively. The figs are smaller, mostly less than 1.5 cm diam. and either subglobose or ellipsoid. The ostiole is mostly prominent. It is more common and widespread.

Intermediates between these forms are found in northern Borneo and elsewhere in the species range.


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