Archidendron oppositum

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Archidendron oppositum


Shrub or small tree, 2-3 m high. Branchlets terete, ridged by ridges decurrent from the leaf-scars, densely puberulous, glabrescent. Leaves: Inflorescences terminal and axillary in the distal leaf-axils, puberulous, consisting of pedunculate glomerules aggregated into panicles to 33 cm long and wide; Flowers pentamerous, bisexual, white. Stamens c. 10 mm, the tube shorter than the corolla-tube. Ovary solitary, puberulous-sericeous. Seeds black, subor- bicular, flattened, c. 6-7 by 5 by 3-4 mm.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present; Sumatera (Sumatera present), Lingga Archipelago present, Toba present
Malesia: Sumatra (Toba), Borneo, Lingga Archipelago


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Merr. 1921: Enum. Born.: 293
Kosterm. 1966 – In: Adansonia: 357