Archidendron bubalinum

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Archidendron bubalinum


Small tree, rarely to 20 m high, 25 cm in diameter. Branchlets terete, red, glossy, drying reddish to light brown when dry, scaly, rusty puberulous, glabrescent. Leaves: Inflorescences terminal or axillary at the distal leaves, rusty tomentose-puberulous, ± glabrescent, consisting of pedunculate glomerules aggregated into panicles to 20 cm long; Flowers pentamerous, white, sweetly scented. Stamens c. 9 mm, the tube equalling the corolla-tube. Ovary solitary, glabrous. Seeds black, filling the entire cavity of the pod, the central ones irregularly disc-like, 8-15 mm high, terminal ones turbinate-truncate.


Asia-Tropical: Sumatera (Sumatera present), Malay Penimula present, S Thailand present
S Thailand; in Malesia: Malay PenimulaSumatra.


Seeds used for flavouring food; they contain large amounts of djenkol acid and need the same treatment as those of 13. A. jiringa. Timber used for planking and said to be durable (cf. Burkill, l.c.).


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