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Trees, shrubs or climbers. Leaves opposite or, rarely, in whorls; Inflorescence cymose, rarely fasciculate or flowers solitary; Flowers 5-merous; Sepals usually with colleters inside. Stamens inserted on the inside of the corolla tube; Ovary of 2 separate carpels united into a common style, sometimes postgenitally fused (Parsonsia, Wrightia p.p.); Fruit a pair of follicles, sometimes single by abortion or postgenital fusion. Seeds with an apical and/or basal coma, this rarely lacking (Eucorymbia).


Native Malesian genera — Aganosma, Amphineurion, Anodendron, Baharuia, Beaumontia, Carruthersia, Chonemorpha, Cleghornia, Ecua, Epigynum, Eucorymbia, Holarrhena, Ichnocarpus, Kibatalia, Micrechites, Papuechites, Parameria, Parsonsia, Pottsia, Spirolobium, Strophanthus, Trachelospermum, Urceola, Vallariopsis, Vallaris, Wrightia.