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Trees, mostly without buttresses or with very small buttresses. Leaves spirally arranged, petiolate; Inflorescence axillary or pseudoterminal, dichotomous or trichotomous, pedunculate, mostly with 2 or 3 second order long branches and then 2 or 3 densely congested short cincinnate branches, occasionally with 1 more or fewer orders of branching, fallen flowers leaving prominent scars, bracts absent in mature inflorescence; Sepals without colleters in the axils. Stamens not adnate to the style head. Ovary 3-5-locular, syncarpous. Fruit syncarpous, indehiscent, with a thin fibrous mesocarp and thin endocarp, 1-5-seeded. Seeds long and narrow, one per locule, longitudinally lined, endosperm hard.


Asia-Tropical, western Pacific present
2 species in Malesia and the western Pacific; in Malesia 1 species.


Valeton published the genus description under the name Lepinionopsis but the species description under Lepiniopsis ternatensis. It is clear from the labels on the specimens and his intention to compare it to the genus Lepinia that Lepinionopsis was a spelling error which should be corrected.


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