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Shrubs or small trees, buttresses absent. Branchlets terete to winged; Leaves opposite; Inflorescence terminal; Sepals erect; Stamens inserted around the middle of the tube to near the tube throat, very rarely near base, not exserted from throat; Ovules 2 in each carpel although only ever one develops. Fruit of paired drupes, more rarely solitary, ellipsoid to falcate, flattened to various degrees (hardly at all in K. arborea), usually with spur-like appendages facing inwards towards each other, rarely absent. Seeds curved, broader at one end, other end acuminate.


Asia-Tropical, from Southern China and Burma to northern Australia and Vanuatu present
23 species from Southern China and Burma to northern Australia and Vanuatu; in Malesia 19 species.


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