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Large or medium woody climbers, often shrub-like when young but then with scandent or arching stems. Leaves opposite; Inflorescence terminal, sometimes also axillary, cymose, often forming a panicle; Sepals narrowly ovate to linear, quite large and showy; Stamens inserted in lower half of corolla tube, completely included in tube; Fruit of paired follicles; Seeds flattened;


Asia-Temperate, Asia-Tropical: Bangladesh (Bangladesh present); Cambodia (Cambodia present); India present; Laos (Laos present); Thailand (Thailand present); Vietnam (Vietnam present), Burma present, as far east as Ambon present
1 species in India, Bangladesh, China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam; in Malesiaas far east as Ambon.


Pichon 1950 – In: Mém. Mus. Natl. Hist. Nat.: 56