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Annual or perennial, non-succulent herbs, shrubs or small trees; gynomonoecious. Stems glabrous, pubescent or farinose, not jointed. Leaves alternate; at least lowermost usually petiolate; blade foliaceous, entire to pinnatifid, frequently glandular or farinose. Inflorescence of cymes or glomerulate clusters, aggregated into axillary or terminal spikes or panicles, or cymes single and axillary. Flowers bisexual or in part pistillate; ebracteate; tepals (3-)5, free or basally united; stamens (3)5, alternating and exceeding tepals, filaments flattened, free or basally united, white-hyaline, anthers ovoid, introrse; ovary horizontally flattened, styles and stigmas 2-3. Fruit indehiscent, thin wall adherent or not to seed; seed usually lenticular, shining, black, testa smooth or roughened, embryo annular, hippocrepiform.


Guianas present, temperate to tropical regions present
Approximately 100-150 species in temperate to tropical regions, and widespread as weeds in disturbed places; 1 species in the Guianas.