Staurogyne miqueliana

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Staurogyne miqueliana


Flowering shoots erect or suberect, 4-7 cm tall, drooping after anthesis, rooting at nodes and producing new flowering shoots from leaf axils, shoots densely villous. Leaves subsessile; blade ovate-elliptic, 12-15 x 8-9 mm, obtuse at apex, acute at base, sparsely pubescent on upper surface, glabrous on lower surface; primary vein and secondary veins (4-5 pairs) densely pubescent, especially on lower surface. Inflorescence a short cylindrical spike, sometimes branched at base, lower flowers subtended by reduced leaves, upper ones by linear-lanceolate bracts and intermediate ones by wider bracts; bracts distinctly 3-veined, somewhat longer than bracteoles and calyx lobes, villous along margin and on primary vein; bracteoles narrowly linear, 6-6.5 x 1 mm, indistinctly 3-veined. Calyx villous and glandular pubescent, 6-6.5 mm long, posterior lobe 1 mm wide, other 4 lobes 0.5 mm wide; corolla 6.5 mm long, upper lip 0.5 mm long, lower lip 1 mm long, lobes puberulous; filaments 1.6 mm long; ovary 1.2 mm high, glabrous, style 2.8 mm long, glabrous, terminating in 2 unequal lobes. Capsule 5 mm long, 1.6 mm broad, apically very shortly apiculate, finely puberulous towards tip; valves with ca. 25 seeds.


Suriname, Bergendal present
Along edge of stream, known only from the type collection. Suriname, Bergendal


Flowering and fruiting in .