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Terrestrial, caulescent, erect, small herbs, without modified stems. Stems unbranched. Leaves opposite, equal or subequal in a pair, venation pinnate, foliar nectaries absent. Flowers axillary, in racemose few-flowered inflorescences; pedunculate; bracteoles small; pedicellate. Calyx lobes 5, free; corolla pale purple, salverform, limb 5-lobed; stamens included, filaments basally connate, anthers apically coherent in a tetrad, dehiscing by longitudinal slits, thecae parallel; staminode minute; disc a single dorsal gland; ovary superior, stigma capitate. Fruit a dry, loculicidally dehiscent, 2-valved, yellowish-green capsule, valves opening to 180°.


southern French Guiana present
Monotypic, one species endemic to southern French Guiana.


Chromosome number unknown.