Kohleria hirsuta var. hirsuta

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Kohleria hirsuta var. hirsuta


Terrestrial (frequently epipetric) herb or subshrub, 30-150 (-200) cm tall. Stem subwoody at base, succulent above, erect or ascending, hirsute to villous above, glabrescent below. Leaves equal or subequal in a pair; petiole 1-4(-8) cm long, lanate-hirsute; blade papyraceous when dry, elliptic, less commonly ovate to elliptic, 4-12 x 2-6(-10) cm, margin serrate, apex acuminate, base acute to subcordate, above pubescent to sericeous, below villous to tomentose, veins sericeous or villous. Flowers 1 to 4(-6) in fascicles or cymes; usually epedunculate or less commonly pedunculate, peduncle, when present, 0-2(-4) cm long, lanate-hirsute; pedicel 2-6(-10) cm long, lanate-hirsute. Calyx campanulate, green, rarely purplish, lobes free, erect, subequal, lanceolate to subulate, rarely triangular, 0.6-1.3 x 0.1-0.6 cm, margin entire, apex acute to acuminate, outside villous or sericeous, inside appressed pubescent to sericeous; corolla erect in calyx, orange-red, 2.2-5 cm long, tube funnelform, subventricose, (1.8-)2.5-3.8(-4.5) cm long, base usually saccate but not sharply delimited, 0.2-0.6(-1) cm wide, middle subventricose, throat slightly contracted, 0.3-1.5 cm wide, outside villous, inside glabrous, limb 0.6-2.2 cm wide, lobes subequal, spreading, suborbicular, 0.3-0.6 cm long, at base 0.4-0.7 cm wide, margin entire; stamens subincluded, inserted at base of corolla tube; ovary ovoid-conic, 0.4-0.7 x 0.3-0.6 cm, hirsute, style (2.2-)2.7-3.3(-3.7) cm long, pubescent, stigma 2-lobed. Mature capsule brown, ovoid, 1-1.4 x 0.5-0.9 cm.


Guianas present, Southern America: Colombia (Colombia present); Ecuador (Ecuador present); Venezuela (Venezuela present), Trinidad present
Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad, and the Guianas; > 250 collections seen, 12 from the Guianas (GU: 11; SU: 1).


Collected in flower ; in fruit .


In the Guianas this species is represented by the typical and more widespread variety. Kohleria hirsuta var. longipes (Benth.) L.P. Kvist & L.E. Skog is restricted to Colombia.