Tachia smithii

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Tachia smithii


Small tree or shrub, up to 4 m high, branched. Branches 0.3-0.6 cm in diam., terete, not winged; internodes 4.5-9 cm long. Leaves petiolate, arranged along stem; petiole 0.8-1.4 cm long; blade membranaceous, elliptic, 10.3-18.1 x 3.2-7.2 cm, margin flat, apex acute to suddenly acuminate, base attenuate. Flowers solitary or in pairs; calyx yellowish green to green, 17-25 x 6 mm, lobes ovate, 6-11 x 3-5 mm, margin membranaceous, apex acute; corolla white or light green, funnel-shaped, 65-73 mm long, 10-19 mm wide at mouth, lobes ovate, 9-17 x 8-11 mm, apex acuminate, with darker tip; stamens not extending beyond corolla lobes, filaments 35-57 mm long, strongly bent towards apex, anthers white, elliptic, 3-4 mm long, bent after anthesis; pollen exine unknown; pistil ca. 58 mm long, ovary 8 mm long, style 50 mm long, stigma lobe elliptic, 4-5 x 4-5 mm. Fruit unknown.


Akarai Mts. at the Guyanan-Brazilian border present, Guyana present
Known only from the Akarai Mts. at the Guyanan-Brazilian border; 2 collections studied, of which 1 from Guyana (GU: 1).


Flowering specimens collected in .


This species is morphologically very close to T. grandiflora and is here only tentatively accepted until more material can be studied. The main difference is the more narrow corolla in T. smithii.